Hummingbird (Backyard) - Dina Lea Klotz

One of the joys I wanted to experience was to have a hummingbird feed from my hand-held dispenser. When I purchased this tiny-feeder, it was explained to me that I needed to be patient and it may take a few days or weeks for the hummingbird to feel safe in coming to feed from my hand. The instructions read the same. However, when I arrived home, excited to try this activity, I walked out to the back porch, filled the feeder, raised my hand and immediately this little guy approached and began to feed. Wow! I was so thrilled that my eyes filled with tears of Joy! What an experience to have a gentle, yet wild, little creature be so trusting. April, 2016

(The photo on the Right is actually a Video.  Click on the Video-Icon within that photo and then Click Play)

Hummingbird Drinking Nectar From My Hand