Pack, Store, Move

It’s been quite hectic this past month.  Approximately three weeks prior to our scheduled departure to Cuenca, Ecuador, all of our plans were turned upside down.  Civil Unrest occurred in the entire country of Ecuador, which was, originally, our first destination of travels for which we had spent quite an effort preparing the process to apply for Retirement Visas.  Concerns and uncertainty prompted us to seriously reconsider going to Ecuador at this time and, ultimately, we decided to cancel that trip and redirect our path and focus on an alternate location.  We are truly thankful that we were able to visit Cuenca, Ecuador this past June (2019).  That visit has been documented in earlier blogs.

Jean Hostman, Real Estate Agent, St. Louis, Missouri

Flights and apartment rental were cancelled resulting in zero penalties.  At this point, we had already sold the house and were selling or giving away items in order to complete a satisfactory downsize process.  Even with the significant change of location at a very last-minute notice, everything continued to fall-in-to-place.  During the final week at our home in St. Peters, Missouri, we were faced with challenging unexpected problems.  However, all issues were sufficiently resolved.  We know Life, in general, is an adventure itself, and this has been proven, in our lives, many times over within this past month.

On to our newly designated location: Boquete, Panama.  We pursued a thorough research for Boquete and became very attracted to the area.  There seems to be a very large Expat community and all the basic requirements we feel is necessary to live comfortably.  We scheduled flights to Boquete and found a Casita to rent.  Departure date is October 26th … and, We’re Off!

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