We’re in a lovely tropical world here in Boquete, Panama.  The property is immaculately maintained once a week.  In our observations, most property owners all around town take great pride in making sure the lawn is given beautiful attention.  Watering for plant/flower maintenance? … well, with a daily rain of some level, very little hose-watering is necessary.

  • View from the Front door.
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Back Porch

Little Buddy & Friends

Among the human care-takers, there is an Assistant Property Manager.  We named him Little Buddy (Mi Amiguito).  Later, it was told to us his real name: Puma, but we will always know him as “Little Buddy.”  Since we arrived, Little Buddy has traditionally walked passed our back sliding door on the deck.  Often times, he patrols several times a day.  Once in a while, he stops, looks at us, and dramatically throws himself down in a laying position.  Usually, this is for only a few seconds and then he’s off again.  Other furry friends we have seen include several kitties, black squirrels, and an innumerable amount of a variety of birds.  The birds, Oh My!, are astounding.  So many different birds color the view with vibrant, extraordinary shades.  Sure, we have a Panama Bird Guide but some birds are so similar in descriptions, it’s difficult for us to sometimes confirm identities.  Tanagers, Warblers, and Sparrows are only a few groups we know reside in “our backyard.”

Little Buddy

Bambuda Castle

Across from our Casita is located a picturesque structure built with the looks of a castle.  It is a hostel which includes dormitories with 8-10 beds, private tower room, hobbet bungalows, and private cabins.  All rooms are serviced with wifi, Netflix, and basic comforts.  There is a long drive-entrance walled with tropicals and coffee plants.

Indoor Pool & Private Theatre

Just a few steps away are the indoor pool and private theatre.  The relaxing atmosphere within these two is comforting.  At any time, we can walk over to enjoy a splash or lap around the pool for exercise.  There is a wonderful selection of “older” movies from which to enjoy while settled in beautifully mounted, red cushioned, seats.  We can adjust the volume to our liking.  First Movie we watched: Grease.  Yes, Olivia and John were extraordinary as usual!

  • Private Theatre
  • Private Theatre
  • Untitled photo
  • View of the indoor pool from our back porch.

Little Church

Within a stones-throw, we can see a cute little church from the back porch.  It has a lock on the door.  A peek inside the small windows, we see wooden pews.  It’s a lovely feature on the El Santuario Estate property.  I tried to search for any history about this little church but unable to find results.

  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo

Playhouse Laundry

Of course we need the ability to wash our dirty clothes.  Just outside our Casita, about ten steps, there is a cute little building that houses a washer and dryer.  The name of this structure is called “Playhouse Laundry.”  Kinda makes washing clothes fun!

  • Playhouse Laundry
  • Playhouse Laundry

Tropical Flowers & Fruit Trees

Tropical plants, flowers, and fruit trees together create a tranquil and beautifully appealing environment.   The fruit trees include Avocado, Orange, and Banana Trees.   We walked up to the Orange Tree and selected the ones that have fallen to the ground and have begun to ripen.  The Orange is then sliced in half and placed onto the bird tray that is mounted on the deck railing directly outside our back sliding door.  This is an attraction to Tanagers and various other birds.  There is a boss, though, and that is the Mockingbird.  As usual, “this bossy feathery friend” acts like he owns the place.  A thundering-like sound roars passed our doorway and we recognize it right away … The Boss is chasing off any and all interested feathered guests.  This action is repeated All Day Long.

Around Boquete

As we drove around town, we came upon some, seemingly, isolated neighborhoods.  Some of these homes left us truly wondering what they looked like inside.  Beautiful structures and most all of them had some kind of bars on the doors and windows.  It was very obvious that most, if not all, had views of the Boquete Panama Mountains.  There is, typically, no central air or heat installed.  With spring-like weather all year round, it is not necessary.  Most of the time, open windows and doors are welcomed.  However, we have been informed that with the dry seasons come extreme winds and a lot of the landscapes will turn brown. 

On our drives around town, we came upon a school bus.  In spanish, the word is “colegial.”  There are two sessions of school each day.  They are divided between older and younger ages.  The students wear uniforms to school.  Driving around the countryside, there were many homes with laundry hanging on the clothes line for drying.

Untitled photo

Bajo Mono Loop

The Property Manager, Tony, informed of us a nice drive near Boquete.  It is called the Bajo Mono Loop.  The loop goes for about 15 miles.  It has twists and turns, sharp curves, and, yep, more potholes.  The road becomes even more narrow than what we found on a typical roadway driving through other parts of the countryside.  Along this route included a natural rock climbing wall, waterfall, one-lane bridge, and randomly placed bus stop, and some other surprises.  You’ll have to view the photos to see everything we saw.

Natural Rock Climbing Wall

Boquete Parades

Boquete, Panama celebrates various independence days.  Several of these celebrations begin in November.  There were many flag decorations placed around downtown.  There were two parades on two separate days.  A lot of drumming and many talented young people walked in the parades.  There were colorful wardrobes and the participants are very proud of their efforts.

Untitled photo

Final Thoughts

We have enjoyed staying at this Casita on El Santuario Estate in Boquete, Panama.  The weather has been beautiful, even with the rain and wind.  Everything is green and lush. 

Driving into town, about five minutes from our Casita, is easy and maneuverable.  The roads are narrow and random potholes can sneak up on you, so it’s wise to be alert and abide by that world-wide rule of “no texting & driving.”  For the most part, the Drivers, including taxis, were very courteous.  We noticed that any honking seemed to purely be for alerting their presence or “thank yous.” 

In town, there are many restaurants to choose from.  However, we found two to be our favorites.  Sugar & Spice and Boquete Sandwich Shop both provided tasty meals.  Sugar & Spice had some freshly baked goods and we certainly enjoyed a danish once or twice.  Boquete Sandwich Shop has some great salads, especially on Taco Tuesday. 

* Boquete, Panama is a nice place to visit ... and check off the bucket list.  However, we have concluded that this is not the place where we desire to retire for a few years.  So, our travels will be to return to Orlando, Florida to spend a little more time with our son and daughter-in-heart and to contemplate our next destination.  We feel, at this time, we would love to return to Cuenca, Ecuador.  Our plan is to re-evaluate the situation of the protests that recently occurred in Ecuador and determine if we feel it is safe to consider.

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