* Since the recent protests in Ecuador which began in October, 2019, we have followed along every day of the happenings.  We thoroughly considered all the news and reports to determine if we felt it was safe to return to Cuenca for our home base and reside while we travel abroad.  Yes, it is our opinion the environment is safe and healthy.  

Unipark Hotel

We arrived in Guayaquil, Ecuador safely.  At the Aeropuerto Internacional José Joaquín De Olmedo, there was a hotel representative waiting for us with our last name on a sign that he was holding.  We were lead to the hotel van outside, loaded all our Eleven pieces of luggage, and headed to the Unipark Hotel.

Check-in was smooth and we were in our room for the night in a short time.  The room was comfortable and we rested very well.

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Iguana Park

Parque Seminario (Iguana Park) is located across the street from the hotel where we stayed overnight.  The hotel staff offered to give us lettuce in order to feed the Iguanas.  We declined that opportunity and simply enjoyed walking around this beautiful park ... which serves as the home to a great number of Iguanas.  The Iguanas are on the ground, on rocks, in rocks, and in the trees.  They show no aggression at all and are adapted very well to human beings walking around them.  The Iguanas were long ago attracted to this area due to the fruits from the mangrove and willow trees, as well as the river nearby.  They simply grew in numbers and have made this park their habitat for many years.

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Ready for New Adventures

Wow ... we have sold our home and vehicles.

Put a lot of items in air controlled storage units.

Here we are ... in Ecuador!

Looking forward to New Adventures, New Beginnings,

and Happy, Healthy Journeys! 

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