Museo Pumapungo

The Pumapungo Museum is the largest in Cuenca.  Three floors are filled with historical and cultural exhibits.  We visited this museum with some friends we met in Cuenca.  We enjoyed a nice walk of about ten blocks to arrive at the museum.  Along the way, we enjoyed some of the local arts and crafts. 

Once we entered the museum, we were instructed not to take any photos and encouraged to enjoy our visit.  So, off we went to explore all three levels.  All signs were printed in spanish.  With our minimal spanish skills, we needed assistance to be able to read any signage.  Using Google Translation app that allowed us to hold our cell phone up to the wording, it was instantly translated to English.  Take caution when doing this because the Museum Guards will approach you thinking you are taking a photo. (speaking from experience – 🙂 )  One of our new friends is bi-lingual and immediately explained we were not capturing images.  Once we were content walking all levels, we headed outside to the back of the museum.  The Pumapungo Ruins is an archaeological site in Cuenca.

Untitled photo
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