El Museo De Los Conceptos

There were a few days where we just walked around Cuenca enjoying the beauty, architecture, and simply all that this town has to offer. We walked along the narrow sidewalks, which sometimes merged causing us to walk one behind the other.  Careful steps are necessary due to the, sometimes, uneven pavements. 

We strolled through this World Heritage town and felt comfortable with peace in our hearts.  As we approached a bench which, seemingly, warmly invited us to sit and rest, we readily accepted.  Anyone, including those in the most excellent physical condition, may experience altitude symptoms.  Cuenca sits about 8,500 feet above sea level.  The symptoms didn’t seem to effect Bryan as much as it did Dina.  However, the occasional queasiness and being out-of-breath quickly dissipated by resting.  In the beginning of the week was the most intense of the altitude sickness but after a few days, the lighter and less often those symptoms occurred. 

One of the museums on our list to visit was the El Museo De Los Conceptos, Museum of the Concepts.  The foundation of this monestary dates back to the 1500’s.  After some restoration and remodeling in the 1980’s, the museum was open in 1986.  There are two levels of exhibits and history about the daily life and customs.  Displays include christmas alter pieces, furniture, glass ware, and custom toys and figures. 

This is one of our favorite museums to visit.

The rooms and entrances were small and sometimes narrow.  As we walked through the hallways and entered each room, it was easy to visualize the probable stature of this beautiful community.  A feeling of reverence was instant along with a humble adoration of all the displays to help us get a tiny glimpse of what it may have been like as a resident.

Displays of some of the clothing worn by Leaders of the Church as well as baptismal wardrobe were glorified with intricate embroidery.

This museum is currently active with book presentations, conferences, seminars, temporary exhibitions and various events.  Definitely a must-see when visiting Cuenca.  It is located at Hermano Miguel 6-33, Cuenca (cross streets: Juan Jaramillo and Hermano Miguel).

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