Biblian Church

Biblian Church, Santuario de la Virgen del Rocío, is located at Av Daniel Muñoz, Biblián, Ecuador.

As we approached the Biblian Church, it became magnificently large.  The winding path leading up to the lower level became narrow.  Once we arrived, it appeared we were the only visitors.  The church is active and on special events there can be a large crowd of attendees.

At first, it is not realized how many steps to simply enter the Sanctuary. 

We didn’t count them, but trust me … there’s a bunch! Let’s get started …

We walked several steps, then rested, … and repeat.  The construction began in the 1800’s.  People from all over Ecuador gather to attend Biblian Church.  As we walked up the stairway, we stopped to see some phenomenal panoramic views of the city.

Oh we were so relieved to reach the level of entry into the sanctuary.

Once we entered, Bryan and I were humbled and awe-struck.  We, literally, looked at each other with jaws dropped.  The intricacy, elaborate carvings and architecture of this place is beyond extraordinary.  The church is not only built on the side of a Mountain, but the Mountain, itself, is intermixed with the construction of the church.  There is mountain-rock visible throughout the building.

The terrace is a huge area for enjoying beautiful days and offers gorgeous views in all directions.

After fulfillment of taking in all the sights, Edwin said “so, are you ready to continue upward?”  Bryan and I looked at each other, “what do you mean continue upward??”  We all laughed.  We had climbed up the stairway leading to the entrance of the sanctuary exhausted and feeling accomplished only to find out that was about Halfway UP.  We decided to decline the offer for continuation of ascending and made our way to head downward.

Descension – an act of moving downward … That is exactly what we did.  Again, several steps downward, stop and rest, … and repeat.  This is certainly a church to be visited at least once.  Perhaps we’ll return some day and make our way to the top half of the stairs and take in even a higher scenic view of this beautiful countryside in Biblian, Ecuador.

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