Ingapirca Ruins & Lunch Don Coffee

This was the final full day of our trip to Cuenca in June/July, 2019.  We observed the weather ahead of time to see which day was most likely to provide a sunny, blue sky, day.  This was it!  And, wow, we completed our visit with a Bang!  For this day-trip, we hired a reliable and professional Driver.  Like most everything, we researched and requested recommendations for someone trustworthy and who was also bi-lingual.  The Driver picked us up at our apartment and off we Go …

From Cuenca to Ingapirca Ruins was about 1-1/2 hour drive.  The roads were paved nicely and not a lot of traffic.  As we entered the town of where the Ingapirca Ruins are located, Canar, the roads became a little curvy but our Driver was able to make it a smooth feeling ride.  No sickness on this trip – Yay!

Upon arrival of the complex, we excitedly hopped out of the van.  Our Driver explained because the altitude is approximately 10,000 feet above sea level that we may experience dizziness or light-headed.  He then commented to be careful about bending over, for example, to pick something up or tie a shoe and then to come up slowly.  Raising up quickly, due to the altitude, could also cause sudden dizziness.  Onward we went inside to purchase our tickets for entrance into the Ingapirca Ruins.

Our Driver/Guide, Edwin, shared his massive amount of knowledge with us as we walked along the dirt path.  One of the amazing facts was that the women were creative with finding tools nature provided.  In order to be able to sew items, they required a needle & thread.  This was found from one of the plants which had very pointy and sharp ends.  The thorn was carefully grabbed with your fingers and delicately stripped from the side of the leaf.  This furnished the needle & thread for sewing.

The construction of the complex was built by chiseling pieces of stone to fit snug to each one.  Similar to putting a puzzle together, it had to fit perfectly.  There was an underground aqueduct developed for which water was provided to the entire complex.

The views from all directions from the perspective of this complex were beautiful.  It was a fantastically sunny and blue-skies day.  The community is not large, but they are a tight-knit family and serve one another as needs arise.

The Sun Temple was given additional attention to creating a sturdy entrance and platform.

The King’s quarters were separate from the Queen.  Near the King’s quarters were places for his many mistresses and servants.  When a Leader, Elder, passed on, their servants were buried with them at the same time.  Yes, exactly, whether the servant was still breathing or not.

While we were on this tour, we were enamored with the history and culture of the Inca and Canari culture.  There were some women wearing beautifully decorated skirts.  This is the culture of the Canari women.

One of the things Dina was looking forward to seeing were the Llamas!!

We found Them!


Well, we are at the end of this magnificent tour of the IngaPirca Ruins, located in Canar, Ecuador.  It is about 30 miles north of Cuenca.

We left this area with our minds overflowing and hearts filled with great contentment.  The day was not over.  We returned to the van and ready to return to Cuenca.  A few more stops before our final destination were lunch and then on to Biblian.

As we were leaving Canar, we were fortunate to pass by some of the community women washing clothes.  

The next stop was at a little restaurant on our way to Biblian.  The name of the restaurant is Don Coffee.  Lunch was De-Lish!  Everything was made fresh.  Following is a view from the porch on which we ate our lunch.

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