Cathedral Square – Sweets – Double Decker Tour – Flower Mercado

On this venture, we walked toward the Cathedral Square.  Parque Calderon is where the “Church with Three Domes” is located.  The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is considered the New Cathedral of Cuenca.  It was relaxing, and almost therapeutic, as we walked around Parque Calderon.  A popular area where many enjoy the beautiful weather, visit the outdoor Mercados, or even attending church service.  Any type of business you might need are only a few steps away.


At the time we arrived in Cuenca, there was an ongoing Corpus Christi event which lasted about a week.  This is an annual Catholic celebration typically occurring in June.  Carried out with the same fervor as other big Cuenca holidays, it spills into a weekend of processions and fireworks displays.  Parque Calderón is transformed into an outdoor candy festival, with vendors selling traditional sweets.  Although we don’t have photos, believe me when I say there were enough sweets to satisfy any sweet-tooth you may have.  Tables and Tables and Tables … and more Tables of nothing but Sweets!


Double Decker Tour Cost: $ 8.00 for Two – Here we go!!  This is a basic tour riding around Cuenca.  What a Beautiful day it was!!  Blue skies, puffy clouds, and sitting on top a Double Decker Bus … What A View!  We enjoyed this tour very much and it was worth every penny as an official introduction to Cuenca.

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As we rode around town, we saw the trend of buildings connected to each other.   From one door to another the connections could be Departments or Commercial.  Apartments, as we say in the United States, are considered Departments (Rentals or Owned).  Departments advertised as a First Floor is not Ground Level, it is actually the second level of the building.  Continuing our Double Decker Tour, the roads are narrow and curvy.  Parts of the town have smooth, paved roadway where others are cobble-stone.  Throughout town, there are electrical wires everywhere, both on buildings and crossing the roadways.  During this particular tour while sitting so high, we were cautioned to always be seated because some of wires are dangerously low.  There are occasional accidents when someone stands up, for example, to take a photo and does not pay attention to low-lying wires.

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Turi Church

Arriving at the Highlight of the Double Decker Tour was the Turi Church overlook.  About two miles from city center, Turi Church Observation allows for a most extraordinary view of Cuenca, Ecuador.

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Stray Dog at Turi Church 

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We had Lunch at Sofy Restaurant located in Cuenca.  A cute little restaurant that was recommended by one of our new friends.  It was a nice meal and prepared fresh.  What was so unique about Sofy were the Greeters, Tina (English Bulldog) and her little buddy.  While we waited for our order, Tina politely showed where her “best spot” was located.  If you so desired, you had Tina’s permission to scratch and rub her.  Tina warmly greeted every individual who walked through her restaurant door.  She was a delight!!


Finally, one of the many places we looked forward to visiting, the Flower Market.  So many beautifully blooming flowers to choose from.  It smelled really nice in this part of town.  We purchased a large bouquet for $3.00.  What a way to end the day.

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