June 28, 2019

Cuenca is best known for its stunning architecture.  Within this Catholic town are numerous religious church buildings which are currently active. 

Iglesia De Todos Los Santos

When we approached this church, it seemed that it would be a quick-look inside. We walked in and paid a very small fee for tickets and were informed that we would have a Guide.  As our Tour Guide began speaking, it was quickly realized that we were in for a very special treat and fell deep into learning of some highly regarded history in Cuenca, Ecuador.  Iglesia de Todos los Santos, or Church of All of the Saints, sits next to the Tomebomba River.  The original building was the first church in Cuenca, but as the building began to decay in the past century Cuenca began a process of restoration.

Inside the church is an exhibit of stones, used by previous historic members, for the construction of the building.  This church was originally built with wooden frames and adobe walls.  It suffered residual effects from two fires.  Since the restorations began, hidden murals have been revealed which were covered with paint.  Photo on the below-right is a Replica made with Popsicles by the hands of the Children who attend this Church.

As we stood marveling the beauty and absorbing the fascinating history, we thought this very detailed tour was ending.  At that moment, our knowledgeable Tour Guide asked if we were interested in climbing some stairs which would lead to the Bell Tower.  Our reply was a zestful YES!  Once we arrived at the top of this very narrow and low-ceiling stairway, there was an active Tower Bell.  It was quite a task of its own just to reach the top.  Once there, because of the small space, we took turns viewing through a couple of small windows which prized us with some beautiful views of Cuenca.

Wow, what a thrill and sweet reward to visit this church.  We did not expect such thorough explanations of the history and we were very engaged with our Tour Guide.  She provided an excellent service of sharing her knowledge.  As we left the church, we turned to the right from the front entrance and walked out onto the terrace to see one last grand view of Cuenca from the vantage point of Iglesia De Todos Santos Church.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Also known as New Cathedral, this church is easily located by its extraordinary three blue domes.  The church is constructed with spanish-stained glass windows with Italian Marble on the walls and floors.  It is located at Cuenca’s main park, Parque Calderon and is still in use today.  Three Blue Domes most often are visible from all of Cuenca.

San Sebastian Church

The San Sebastian Church is located at the intersection of Simón Bolívar and Coronel Tálbot ​​streets.  This is one of the oldest churches in Cuenca.

Modern Museum

This delightful museum is located at Sucre and Coronel Talbot in the San Sebastian district, across from the Iglesia San Sebastian Church.  At the time we visited this museum, there were only few others wondering through the hallways.  It was quiet and humbling as we strolled throughout the entire building looking at the various paintings and statutes reflecting various historic facts about Cuenca.  Located in the middle is a beautiful garden of trees and plants.  They were well kept and obviously maintained with great care.

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