Sportraits - Dina Lea Klotz

Portraits and Sport-raits

Portraits will be professionally styled and captured in a way that you will Love!  We will create various poses that you and everyone will adore.  Let's have some fun and include a "Imagination Creation" session.  You choose the theme or time period you would like and, together, we will create Magical Memories. 

The results may be printed on traditional and unique sources.  I can help you create a beautiful selection for that wall space in your home or office.          

For Sports Portraits, we will work with your child in their favorite sport and create some Fantastic photos.  In today's society, our children can use extra encouragement.  One of the ways to facilitate positive reinforcement is through professional, well thought-out photos.  Particularly, images that are created with composite artwork to display your Child in a fun powerful way.

The results may be printed onto various sources other than the traditional High Quality Paper.    

Team photos will be created in a unique fashion which will show off impressive posing from each individual.