Tiny - Dina Lea Klotz

While visiting the Pelicans today, we had some other feathered-friends show up as well. There was a gentleman making his routine feeding for all the geese. He explained that Tiny only "talks" to women. So we tested and he walked near Tiny... no sound. Two other men were out there and they walked by Tiny... no sound. There were two women walking near to where we were and as they approached where Tiny was, Tiny began to follow them and “talk.” After a good laugh, the two women left, and Tiny returned to where we were standing. I was asked to approach Tiny ... I did ... sure enough Tiny began talking. Is this not the most hilarious thing you've ever heard??? Go meet Tiny and his friends at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas. Tell Tiny Dina sent you - LOL -- December 15, 2014