HeadShot Session Prices


15 minutes session time

One Digital Image

$ 85.00 per person

5 - 10 People: $ 75.00 per person

10+ people: $ 65.00 per person

Fees Include Fully Retouched Images

Beyond 20 miles will have Travel Fee


45 minutes session time

Two Outfit Changes

Three Digital Images

$ 95.00 per person

5 - 7 people: $ 85.00 per person

Fees Includ Fully Retouched Images

Beyond 20 miles will have Travel Fee

Tips for Successful HeadShot Sessions

These are only TIPS for your consideration and what seems to work for majority individuals.  You should completely present yourself in this session as you naturally are, but with a few refinements to achieve a successful and high quality image.

* Arrive on time for the scheduled Photo Session. Clothing

* Solid colors are preferred for a more professional look.

* Keep it simple.

* Avoid turtle necks since, often times, in photos the individual loses a neck line.

* MEN - If wearing a full suit, the color of your tie should be a tone between your jacket and shirt.

* WOMEN - If wearing jewelry, keep it simple.

* Professional Head Shots tend to look better without bare arms, so try to avoid short sleeves if possible.

* Avoid all white shirt. Hair

* If possible, have your hair stylist appointment the morning of the session.

* Start with your hair down. Toward the end of the session, If a more casual look is preferred, a few photos may be captured with your hair up.

* Bring a brush/comb for last minute touch ups. Make-Up

* Apply make up just enough to cover blemishes. Avoid any type products that may cause shine. If there are shine areas once you arrive, use a paper towel or tissue to blot the shine away.

* Bring makeup for last minute touch ups.

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