A few tips for achieving a successful Pet Photo Session:

* Grooming/Bathing a short haired canine is recommended one or two days prior to the session.

* Long Haired canines who will have an actual hair-cut should be groomed five to seven days prior to the session. The reason for this is to make sure the length is what you are comfortable with.

* Practice Sit and Stay with your pet daily for at least two weeks prior to the session.

* Bring familiar snacks for "attention getting" if necessary, but we will avoid the snacks if at all possible so as not to cause unwanted drooling in the photos. ;)

* Bring a brush or comb for last minute touch ups.

* If your pet wears a harness, the best style would be as thin as possible. Same for the leash. This will make it easier in post-processing to remove the leash for a more desirable photo.

* Avoid bright color harnesses or leashes unless this is a desired item you would like to remain in the photo.

* Please bring poo-bags.  Whether the session is outdoors or indoors, Pet Owners are responsible for any unexpected deposits from their Pets.

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